Frequently Asked Questions

What are the business hours?

We are available by appointment only Monday-Friday. Get booked in by clicking the link on the home page, or call 952-938-2056.The studio is locked if no appointment is currently scheduled.

Why do I owe a fee? What if I miss my appointment?

If you cancel your service(s) or no show them completely we do charge 50% of the service price. We charge you at your next in studio visit, but do not send an invoice to you. We do this to respect other clients that may have preferred your appointment time, as well as for your waxer’s time.

The time I need is not available online, can you squeeze me in?

Possibly. If you need a specific time (even early morning) and you know in advance, email and we will try to squeeze you in.

How long does the hair need to be to get waxed?

At least 1/4″ which is around the length of a rice grain. For most body parts you should stop shaving for at least two weeks for best results.

When should I get my next wax?

If you haven’t waxed before, typically wait 4 weeks. This allows hair to begin growing on a “timed schedule” and chances are much greater that you’ll get your hair on one growth “cycle”. When you regularly wax results last 2-6 weeks, but the typical result is 1/4″ growth after 4 weeks.

Does waxing hurt?

Put simply, yes. Fortunately, the pain is temporary and we do all that is possible to minimize discomfort. Most people confess afterwards that the pain was less than they anticipated.

How do I maintain my waxed area?

Calm your skin with aloe until all the redness is gone. After a week or so, exfoliate skin with a dry skin brush without products. By doing this, you do your part to prevent ingrown hairs from happening.

I do not want my brow too thin!

Each set of brows are customized to your natural brow and bone structure. If you’d like a more natural brow, or a sculpted angular brow, we can accommodate your request.

What kind of bikini waxes do you offer?

A Bikini Line wax is just outside the swimsuit area, a regular Bikini wax is for when you’d like more hair off. If you decide not to remove it all, please know we can not trim bikini hair. Only because it leaves an unhygienic room that can not be properly cleaned between clients.

Can I request hard wax only?

Yes, but we do charge an extra $10 for facial areas, or $15 for body areas.

Do you have gift cards?

Sorry, we do not sell gift cards at this time.